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Bristol Technology Festival 2019

Our aim is to create a platform that allows groups to run and promote tech events under the banner of Bristol Technology Festival and to provide support and guidance.

Saturday 2nd – Sun 10th Nov

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There are 42 events happening from Sat 2nd – Sun 10th Nov

Saturday 2nd Nov 2019

  • The Box: Building a Martian House

    We the Curious
    Imagine you could build a house on Mars. What would life be like? What would your home need? Artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent are back at We The Curious with their ten year project to design, develop and create a house that explores what humans will need to live on Mars. Step inside the Box gallery to learn more about their work, the hostile conditions on the red planet, and to feed in your ideas to the design process. In daily workshops, visitors work together to together to decide which household objects to pack in their Mars kit-bag. Can you use them to meet the challenges of life in the cold, dusty Martian environment? What does this teach us about how we live now here on Earth?
  • The Energy Challenge

    We the Curious
    Part of the public programme at We The Curious focussing on climate action, these daily workshops are about the need to re-think how we power our homes and drastically reduce the amount of energy that we use. Families are invited to join the team in the Tinkering space to design their dream home and then puzzle out how to power it using energy from renewable sources. Workshops are drop-in and included with general admission.

Monday 4th Nov 2019

  • The Bristech Challenge

    As part of Bristol Tech Festival, Immersive Labs has handpicked the labs required to test your skills and expand your knowledge in secure coding and cyber. From 4th to 7th November, enter the challenge to win some great prizes and learn new skills on the world’s first fully interactive, gamified and on-demand cyber skills platform
  • 'How To Be A Great Ally: Masterclass’ 

    Black Girl Convention will be hosting our signature ‘How To Be A Great Ally: Masterclass’ on November 4th, at Watershed based in Bristol, and will form part of the line up for Bristol Technology Festival.   Facilitated by Dr Mena Fombo – Coach, Trainer, Equality & Diversity consultant, Founder of Black Girl Convention and creator of the internationally recognised TEDx Talk “No. You Cannot Touch My Hair” along with a team of inspiring black female speakers specialising within the creative, digital and technology industry.   This is a practical workshop open to all backgrounds, designed to leave you feeling inspired to create change, with some actual tools to do so.
  • DisruptSW Index 2019: The Diversity Edition

    The purpose of the 2019 Diversity Edition of DisruptSW is to feature the top businesses, services, products, initiatives, projects and organisations which are addressing diversity challenges we see within tech teams and the technology sector in the South West.   To do this, we are curating and publishing our third Disrupt SW index which this year, will focus on diversity.
  • Overcoming Digital Transformational Challenges

    Hargreaves Lansdown
    Digital disruption is affecting all organisations, impacting not only how businesses use technology, but also how they drive innovation, organisational change and new cultural behaviours. One result of this seismic shift is the adoption of data science & machine learning with all the business implications this entails. How organisations go about managing these transformational opportunities and challenges is redefining how businesses succeed.
    Organised by
  • Bristol+Bath LegalTech 2020

    Burges Salmon
    Lawyer? Technologist? Creative? New to LegalTech? Or pretty sure about what you want to see happening? Now is the time to get involved and co-create our BBLT 2020 agenda. Join the ideation process and collaborate on the headline programme for 2020 across BBLT’s four core themes of events, skills, innovation and purpose.   You are likely to know that Bristol+Bath is an incredible tech hub and has a booming legal industry with global reach.You might already know that LegalTech is one of the most dynamic new sectors, with a growing buzz around the UK as an international centre of excellence.  BBLT is where we fuse those things together and help create the foundations of a future key industry for the West of England.    Now, you are invited to join us at this Bristol Technology Festival event to help shape LegalTech’s impact and growth in the Bristol+Bath city region. Hear some of our leading LegalTech experts get under the skin of just where the sector is today and then be a part of a multi-disciplinary team co-creating the building blocks of BBLT’s programme.   
  • A digital future for the health and life science sectors

    Paintworks Bristol
    A networking event for all with an interest in health and life sciences with a special focus on digital technologies.  Come and meet people from the business support organisations and hear presentations by companies working in this area.  This will be followed by refreshments and networking.
  • The Future of RPA

    Robert Half Bristol
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software that functions as a digital workforce, typically managed by business operations teams. Logic-driven robots execute pre-determined, rules-based tasks, mimicking human interaction with existing applications to automate business processes. The goal is to save time and money while building efficiencies in performance over the long-term   John Harvie & Harrison Jardine will be leading the presentation and demonstration of what RPA is, how it can be implemented and the core benefits it can provide as well as what the future looks like.

Tuesday 5th Nov 2019

  • How to Rapidly Scale Your Digital Marketing

    Engine Shed
    Gain practical SEO tips to increase the volume of qualified leads to your website, determine if your content marketing strategy is going to work, discover how to consistently land guest posts on sites like Hubspot, and more. This event is aimed at CMO/CIO/CTO/CEOs of fast growing SaaS companies looking to hear from experts on how to save money and make money from their digital marketing. There will also be a panel discussion of Saas and start-up Business Leaders – People to be advised
  • New World Farming

    Engine Shed
    Farm491 is launching New World Farming – a call for innovation and rethinking of the problems facing the UK agri-food sector. From nutrient pollution and carbon negative farming to food waste and supply chain traceability, we are interested in new solutions that look to future technologies and how they can influence the agri-food system.
  • TechX – Forging Elite Entrepreneurs

    Engine Shed
    An overview of the unique and award winning TechX Accelerator designed for game changing tech start-ups looking to break into the UK Energy Sector. The programme is supported by BP, Equinor and KPMG. Come along and hear from the TechX Director David Millar and some of the TechX Pioneers making big waves in the world of Energy.
  • Inclusive Marketing: More Than A Trend and Running a WP agency for US nonprofits

    Runway East
    Talk 1. Inclusive Marketing: More Than A Trend, It’s A Movement – Joyann Boyce Skill Level: Beginner In this talk, Joy will highlight how your team can avoid using token diversity in campaigns and teach you how to create authentic personas which truly reflect your brand’s audience. The aim will be to provide a light insight for individuals who are unaware of the concept but want to be part of the change. — Talk 2. Changing the World One WordPress Site at a Time: Running a virtual WP agency for US nonprofits – Lesley Molecke Skill level: Beginner Have you ever wanted to run your own agency? Ever looked around your office and thought, “I could do this better than these guys!”? Ever yearned for more influence and flexibility in your day job? Lesley is going to show us how she and her friends started their own WordPress development shop, carved out a niche, and built a successful 16-person firm with clients like Greenpeace, the Endangered Species Coalition and Global Zero.

Wednesday 6th Nov 2019

  • FinTech West Breakfast

    FinTech West supports the development of the FinTech community in Bristol and the south west and will be showcasing a number of Bristol-based FinTech developments at this breakfast event.
  • Why can networks be difficult and what can you do?

    Desklodge Bristol
    Today, nearly every business, organisation and individual relies on technology and network connectivity to complete daily tasks. Network infrastructure is critical infrastructure, and when it fails or doesn’t perform as expected it can have a significant impact. Lack of agile Network Infrastructure often prevents businesses making essential, transformational changes to remain competitive. Justin’s talk will highlight a number examples from his personal experience and from Zeetta Networks’ customers where networks fail and why, and will explain why at Zeetta Networks they fundamentally believe that the approach to networks today is simply wrong. The talk will explain why terms like AI Operations, Network Automation and Intent-based networks offers a potential solution to our networking woes and will allow you to turn the network from something that hinders your business to something that helps.
  • The South West Innovation Support Landscape

    SS Great Britain
    A half-day practical masterclass on innovation – its concepts, use, and the support available to local businesses. This event is a great opportunity for businesses to find out how to create, scale and grow with practical examples, easy to use tool kits, and live talks from several companies including those in new sectors like Immersive and Deep Tech.
  • Agile in the City Bristol

    M Shed
     Returning for its fourth year, Agile in the City: Bristol allows you to connect, learn from and collaborate with your peers and leaders in the industry. Gain new collaborators, hands-on experiences and inspiration, and reconnect with existing friends. Enjoy conversations that could take you anywhere and leave with new ideas and concepts you can put into practice straight away.
  • Bristol TechFin 2019

    A one-day event for leaders in finance & banking, technology, and legal & regulation to explore how new technologies in financial services can address financial exclusion.  The conference features panel discussions with audience participation. Each panel will address a key aspect of financial inclusion and how technology can transform the industry.
  • AI in Health and Care – How do we innovate responsibly?

    Engine Shed
    AI offers life-changing and cost-saving outcomes for health and care. But separating opportunities from hype and balancing risks against rewards, is hard. We’ll be looking at practical applications as well as debating complex issues, and discussing the value social scientists can bring to AI project teams. Aimed at both subject newcomers and experts from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, this event will be in our usual interactive style, wrapped up with friendly networking.
  • The TechSPARK Top 50 People in Tech

    Hargreaves Lansdown
    Celebrate our top 50 game-changing entrepreneurs, technologists and creators from the region with our inaugural TT50 list.   We’re revealing the most exciting entrepreneurs, technologists and creators in the region. We’re not making a rich list but have designed our judging to weight to those individuals who help connect, incubate and accelerate our tech cluster. TT50 is dedicated to showcasing the positive impact these individuals have on the economy and our community.    
    Organised by
  • The what, why and how of… Electronics and Robotics!

    Engine Shed
    Curiosity Connections Primary Science Knowledge Boosters In this new talk series, inspirational speakers will connect the big ideas of science with our region’s local history and culture. It’s an opportunity for primary school teachers to get a lively insight into the what, why and how of those tricky curriculum topics. With culturally relevant links to the city and a teacher’s top tips for the classroom, these talks are designed to help deliver the broad and balanced curriculum required by Ofsted. But it’s not just for teachers – these engaging talks are for all of the curious minds in our creative and ingenious city.   The what, why and how of…Electronics and Robotics In this talk, researchers at UWE Bristol will highlight the importance and use of electronics and robotics. This will be followed by some practical advice from local KS2 science leader and SLE, Charlotte Thomas, on how to teach this topic in the classroom.
  • Workshop Wednesdays

    Desklodge Bristol
    There are two large areas for coworking/peer-supported learning. There are also a series of rooms in which we can do training, shared projects or talks.   Workshop Wednesday 20th November 2019 will house:
    • Speakers Corner: Amanda Challans – Get the chance to hear first-hand the story of her record-breaking 3000-mile journey rowing the Pacific Ocean. With some simple tools, tips and exercises you can take away and do with your teams.
    • JavaScript Self-Led Study Group – Calling all those who are interested in learning or improving their JavaScript skills in a relaxed, collaborative environment.
    • WebDev101- Calling all those interested in improving their knowledge of any subject in the field of web development.
    • Project Rainbow – WTH Supporting Non-Profits – Rainbow RDA is a charity based in Taunton in need of Web Presence to qualify for grants, attract volunteers, supporters and donations. The project needs additional team members of all walks of Digital Life to help bring their digital presence to light. They are affiliated with

Thursday 7th Nov 2019

  • Roadmap for fast growth, Navigating the tax & funding cycle

    The Old Vic
    For innovative businesses, it is vital to take advantage of support that can enable a business to grow. This includes tax reliefs aimed at the different stages in a business’s life cycle and the various avenues that are available for raising finance to take the business to the next level of its development. In this session we will look at the early stage of R&D claims and funding opportunities, through to share schemes, EIS and international expansion and the correlation with raising finance, both equity and debt, culminating in the final stage of the business being sold, what this can look like and how to be prepared.
  • How to design your marketing funnel for growth.

    Strawberry Thief

    Funnel mechanics, or how to find and attract the right customers to your business

    Our breakfast workshop is aimed at b2b focused marketing and business leaders of technology- and innovation-driven growth businesses in Bristol and the South West. We’ll look at the core elements of designing a marketing funnel that will drive growth. We’ll help you work out how to attract the attention of more of the right people and to draw them in to your business. If you’re wondering where your next phase of growth is going to come from and are looking for marketing inspiration this event is for you. What to expect:
    • A fun short session focused on knowledge sharing
    • Practical exercises in funnel design
    • Space to find inspiration for your marketing strategy
    • Networking with like-minded professionals
    • Breakfast to fuel your thinking
    We’re F&G. We’re Funnel Mechanics. We love helping technology- and innovation-driven companies making a positive impact in the South West to grow. And we’re on a mission to save good people from tedious marketing.

  • Agile in the City Bristol

    M Shed
     Returning for its fourth year, Agile in the City: Bristol allows you to connect, learn from and collaborate with your peers and leaders in the industry. Gain new collaborators, hands-on experiences and inspiration, and reconnect with existing friends. Enjoy conversations that could take you anywhere and leave with new ideas and concepts you can put into practice straight away.
  • Bristol: Where can the Academy take you?

    Engine Shed
    Lloyds Bank Academy Bristol has launched and we want you to join us to discuss how we are helping small businesses and communities.  
    On the morning of Thursday 7th November, Lloyds Bank is proud to host an event centred on supporting small businesses and local communities to increase their digital skills and prepare today’s workforce for the future.   We would be delighted if you could join us for an insightful and collaborative session, where we will share insights from the Bristol Academy.   The Academy offers local individuals and businesses both free online and face-to-face digital skills training. This exclusive event on the 7th of November will provide demonstrations of the Academy in practice as well as a chance to meet our partners and learners. We are delighted to hear from local government, tech partners, small businesses and academy learners, and we hope that you will join us.
  • Inclusive Leadership Now!

    Natwest, Trinity Quay
    A day of inspirational speakers, practical workshops and networking to ensure that you are ready to be one of the area’s next leaders.
    Join us for our 2019 conference, on Thursday 7 November, to hear speakers from across the country, take part in workshops to help get you Board ready, and network with organisations that could help you find your next role. In partnership with NatWest, Business West and the University of the West of England, we are bringing you a packed day designed to engage and encourage the next leaders of Bristol and the surrounding area.
  • AI – What is it and what's it good for?

    The evening will focus on AI, what is it and what’s it good for? Our first speaker is Iain Wallace, CTO – Rovco. Iain leads the development and application of cutting edge 3D and AI techniques to improve quality and reduce costs in subsea inspections. His talk will explore “AI What is it and what’s it good for”? Iain has a PhD in Informatics (Artificial Intelligence) and co-hosts a podcast that discusses AI, hardware and web, Our second speaker is Jonathon Wright, CTO at Digital Assured. He will be giving a talk on A.I ethics, enterprise A.I platforms and considerations on how to leverage A.I within your business. Jonathan is an experienced TEDx/international speaker and accomplished author.
  • Invented Futures

    When we talk about technology, we’re really talking about ourselves. Emerging tech has become a container for our anxieties about future ways of living. What stories do we tell ourselves about tech, and how do these narratives shape our futures? An evening of wrangling all possible futures into one room with discussion, speculation and drinks.

Friday 8th Nov 2019

  • Brand-proofing for tech-cynical times

    Engine Shed

    As an industry we’re well aware that tech is a force for good, and even has the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges we face in the world today. However, with trust in big tech consistently low, electoral candidates advocating breaking them up and ever-complex regulation looming – it’s getting harder and harder to show the industry’s “good side”.  
    Cynicism around its intentions is prevalent in every newspaper, on social media and in conversations happening outside the industry. At the same time, the good stories are getting lost in the noise. So, how can tech founders and marketers navigate these new tech-cynical times and highlight the honourable intentions and positive impact of their innovation?   At the same time, how should we address the concerns that have been created by things like fake news and “techlash”? Antidote Communications invites tech company founders, marketers and communicators to attend this Bristol Technology Festival event, which will examine what perception challenges mean for your brand, what you can learn from key players in the industry and how they are addressing it.
  • Agile in the City Bristol

    M Shed
     Returning for its fourth year, Agile in the City: Bristol allows you to connect, learn from and collaborate with your peers and leaders in the industry. Gain new collaborators, hands-on experiences and inspiration, and reconnect with existing friends. Enjoy conversations that could take you anywhere and leave with new ideas and concepts you can put into practice straight away.
  • Bristol Tech Showcase

    Aerospace Bristol
    The Bristol Technology Showcase (BTS) is the first event of its kind to be held at the Aerospace Museum, home to the iconic Concorde. BTS is focused on emerging technologies and those themes encompassed in the 4th industrial revolution with a focus on how they will affect businesses and wider society as a whole.  
    • KEYNOTES & SPEAKERS- Listen to world class speakers on key issues being faced within business. How do you maintain the trust of your consumers in this new technological age? See what others are doing to work closer with their communities and understand the challenges that lay ahead for the skillsets that will be needed tomorrow and those that are becoming redundant. 
    • PANELS- Listen to industry leaders discuss, debate and challenge on some of the key issues that businesses need to consider in this technological revolution. approach.
    • THE FUTURE OF…. – Attend the Future’s Room to listen to industry leaders talking about the future of various technologies and industries. AI, Voice, Interaction, Robotics and more. With companies like XMOS, Ultraleap, Amazon and others presenting, see what the future holds, how it’s applicable to you and how you can innovate in your business.
    • EXHIBITION – At the heart of the event is our expo, showcasing the very best from Bristol tech and its digital ecosystem to senior decision makers. This is your chance to sell products and services to highly targeted, engaged visitors, face to face.
  • How is tech shaping the future of our relationship with public services?’

    Engine Shed
    This discussion, led by an expert panel of public sector and technology policymakers and innovators, will look at:
    • What, and who, is driving the public sector’s tech innovation strategy?
    • Is Government tech spend producing results that are saving and changing lives?
    • Is there a citizen-centric approach for innovation in the public sector, and are there areas of public service where tech can’t ‘save us’?
  • Data and community. A Bristol and Bath hackathon

    Engine Shed
    Data and Community’ is a two day hackathon for problem solvers, innovators, designers, and programmers, who want to be part of developing innovative digital solutions to some of Bristol and Bath’s biggest social challenges.   ‘Data and Community’ will give you insight into some of Bristol and Bath’s most intractable social challenges. And more importantly, it will give you the opportunity to create and develop digital solutions that can go some way to addressing these. No previous tech knowledge required. Through the weekend, teams will form and we will work collaboratively on data projects for social good. Prizes and awards on Sunday!


Saturday 9th Nov 2019

  • FULL

    Bristol Tech Fair

    Colston Hall
    If you love TECH, this is THE EVENT for you. It’s BRISTOL TECH FAIR: a one-day celebration of technology, engineering, and science for EVERYONE. Think of it as a tech love story to inspire the kids, gain valuable careers advice and learn from some of the smartest voices and sharpest thinkers in the Tech | diversity intersection. And here’s the biggest news: IT’S FREE for everyone

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